Case Study: PaySpan

From time-to-time DesignShop is asked to fabricate an exhibit design developed by another organization. One such example is our most recent custom built display commissioned by Jacksonville, FL based PaySpan (a sneak preview of this build was featured in last week’s blog entry). Their marketing agency of record, The Melia Group, designed a beautiful exhibit concept and a fabrication partner was needed.

The exhibit design rendering provided by The Melia Group was striking. With very clean lines and integrated lighting, the image projected is very modern and forward thinking. With the design direction determined, the next step was to begin considering exhibit companies for the project.

DesignShop was honored to be included among the group of organizations under review for participation. Right from the beginning, we knew a literal interpretation of the exhibit design would be difficult and present some engineering challenges.

The most prevalent of those concerns was keeping the weight of the custom exhibit down to a manageable number. In addition, the design, while very clean and minimalist in layout also presented some aggressive characteristics.

In particular, the front section of the exhibit design called for a ground supported header with integrated lighting that would cantilever out over an area of high foot traffic. To really sell the look of the design, this nearly 20’ span needed to be able to stand without any ground supports, or additional rigging.

Apparently, DesignShop was the only company among those being considered that believed this could be done. We developed a custom solution using lightweight aluminum framing and were honored to be awarded the project. As you can see from the images below, we were able to produce the exhibit as shown in the design drawings.

PaySpan is a growing organization and a wise investment was made in their trade show presence. The new custom exhibit design debuted at the AHIP show on June 20th and was developed with a 20x30 space in mind. Just last year, PaySpan was exhibiting in a 10x10 space – that is a huge leap in size and a very bold statement to make about where they are headed!

Needless to say, a big impression was made at the show and PaySpan’s industry peers and competitors alike have taken notice.  Congratulations, PaySpan! DesignShop is happy to have played an important role in bringing this exhibit design to life. 

We are looking forward to many more successful events to come… 

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