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DesignShop strives to stay on the cutting edge of the tradeshow and event-marketing industry. We are in a constant state of evolution, exploring new manufacturing techniques, materials, design trends and show floor marketing strategies. Accepting that “change is the only constant” is central to staying ahead of the curve.

The same philosophy holds for our clients. Recent years have seen reduced budgets and increased demands pertaining to return on investment. This has caused some interesting changes in how marketing teams are using their tradeshow exhibits.
There has been a rise in the use of live broadcasts from the booth space that can engage an audience not present on the show floor. Other companies have been using social media strategies to engage their audience. DesignShop has a solution that COMBINES THE POWER OF BOTH ideas to help you expand the footprint of your booth space and Leverage Your “Buzz” into virtual space….introducing Radiance Remote Studio™.
Using our self-contained and remotely controlled broadcast booth in your exhibit space will allow you to reach an infinitely larger audience than just your physical exhibit alone (been wondering how to finally leverage your Social Media efforts??).  Able to be set up in a compact 10x10 area, and outfitted with 3 HD cameras, lighting and audio, Radiance Remote Studio™ allows you to broaden your audience far beyond the show floor or private event space.
In no time at all, you can be up and running. And since everything is controlled remotely, there are no additional costs for a traveling production team! DesignShop’s Orlando-based remote production team can direct and edit your broadcast-quality show, regardless of location and have it streaming on all of your social media platforms almost instantly.
So if you are making plans to announce a new product launch, or will be scheduling a major speech by one of your organizations thought leaders, consider incorporating Radiance Remote Studio™ as part of the equation. The expanded audience this very affordable solution can bring may make your next event the most successful and cost effective one yet! That’s right…go ahead and Leverage Your “Buzz”!
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"Thank you so much for pulling LIGHTFAIR together for us this year! The booth looked amazing and we couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work and dedication to the project. "

Lesley Matt, Director of MarketingTCP Lighting

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