Let There Be Light

Our custom exhibit fabrication team does a tremendous job. We are constantly challenged and our team rises to the occasion every time. Recently, we were approached by a design firm with a concept that several other exhibit houses claimed would not be possible to build as shown in their design.

The design is striking, but the engineering concerns were real. Every inch of the structure would be custom fabrication including one very prominent feature; an enormous backlit header running the entire perimeter of the exhibit. A portion of this structural focal point would also have to cantilever out past the vertical supports….very tricky!

Competing companies on the project indicated that it would not be possible to achieve this effect without significant cost, weight and additional safety rigging. Our team took a close look at the concept and said, “We can build that, just like it is in your design concept”.

We are blessed with a fabrication team that has a very diverse skill set. One of those many skills includes welding. These came in very handy when considering the best way to achieve the look required by the exhibit design, and yet still maintain strength with a manageable weight. 

The solution was a custom light box structure manufactured primarily out of Aluminum. The final result is extremely light and rigid. Each section of the light box fits together seamlessly and traps all of the light, reflecting it downward for a perfectly even and consistent bright glow. Let there be light!

Stay tuned for more details on this exhibit being built for one of our newest clients. We can’t tell you who it is yet, the exhibit discussed here debuts next week. Needless to say, we are anticipating quite a reaction.  Heck, this might even be another “Best of Show” design award!!

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Midland Radio Corporation
"The team at DesignShop was great, they listened to our story and created a design around my vision for the Midland brand. The finished product was a CES booth that showcased the outdoor lifestyle and adventures that our customers live out each and every day. "

Matt Latendresse, Director of MarketingMidland Radio Corporation

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