Dream Come True

We absolutely love what we do. The excitement a new project brings to our team never seems to run out. Now, it is true that some projects can create much more excitement than others, and we have recently begun work on a prime example.

Few things stir the imagination and national pride more than space exploration. You may be aware that since the end of the Space Shuttle Program, the Orbiters are being sent to final resting places in Museums across the United States.

The remaining vehicles will be moved to high profile locations such as the Smithsonian, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and the California Science Center. It can perhaps be argued that the most conspicuous location to receive one of these honored guests is the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at Pier 86 in New York City.

DesignShop is proud to be playing a role in the design and fabrication of the Space Shuttle Pavilion currently under construction on the deck of this famous aircraft carrier.  For the past several weeks, the prototype orbiter, Enterprise, has been making the trek north to take the place of honor being prepared for it.

A tremendous feeling of wonder and accomplishment comes from knowing that for years to come, thousands of eager visitors will come into contact with the observation deck and museum quality displays the DesignShopTeam created for this project.

We may not have any astronauts on staff here at DesignShop, but we are definitely dreamers. Our team’s participation in this project is a dream come true, and a great “I remember when” story to tell our families and friends (Oh, and be sure to visit our corporate web page regularly as you can click on the “Enterprise Shuttle” link to watch the installation of the museum “Live”…how cool is that!!).

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