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Working in an environment that constantly demands excellence isn’t for everyone. At DesignShop, our culture demands the best of every member of our team. Fortunately for us, we are blessed with truly gifted individuals that take their roles seriously.

Every day, month, quarter, and year, a solid group of dedicated, talented, and enthusiastic people report to work at DesignShop. And they are all ready to do their part to consult, design, and produce world-class custom fabricated exhibits and experiential environments.

A great example of this commitment to excellence is DesignShop’s Lead Custom Technician – Gus Goncalves. Gus is a central figure in our Custom Shop and has been a member of the DesignShop team for over six years. 

The experience Gus has gained from over 30 years of carpentry and fabrication is put to great use when it comes to bringing an exhibit design concept to life. This skill set, combined with his fanatical attention to detail, combine to create an unstoppable force of precision and pride.

Gus pours everything he has into every project. His high level of individual effort combines with the rest of the DesignShop team to guarantee that every finished creation that leaves our Custom Shop meets the highest quality standards possible.

Gus, thanks for everything you do – keep up the great work!

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Kapture Vision MLS Lounge in Orlando, FL
"Thank you so much for creating such an amazing focal point for our Major League Soccer partner lounge! The build was very high quality, and we felt so confident in the safety of our guests. We appreciate your care, the quality, and your support throughout the process of the build. We appreciate the whole team!  "

Natasha BallardKapture Vision

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