A Bold New Look

The debut of a new custom trade show exhibit design is always exciting. Seeing the curves and angles so carefully placed on paper take shape in three dimension never gets old. This was particularly true of the recent unveiling of a 20x40 custom exhibit design for long time client, PGT Windows & Doors.

Based in Venice, FL and in business since 1980, PGT is a leading manufacturer of high quality windows and doors. Prior to a relationship with DesignShop, PGT made an investment with another exhibit house to fabricate a custom exhibit to display their products at multiple events through the year. 

Over time, this exhibit began to take on a dated look and the weight associated with it meant serious trade show operating costs. In today’s tough economic climate, businesses are seeking out ways to save money without sacrificing quality, service or presence on the show floor. And PGT was certainly no different.

This meant that when the decision was made to refresh their look, a serious strategy needed to be developed.  Not only to the new exhibit design, but how it would affect PGT’s overall trade show operating costs. If building a new exhibit meant maintaining or increasing those costs, it would be a pointless endeavor.

We embarked on a several month long collaborative design process.  Headed up by our Senior Designer, Ellary Anderson, our design team developed several concepts that spanned from an updated version of the previous design, to a complete and total stylistic departure from the previous exhibit.  However, a common thread was, they were all designed to be relatively lightweight and simple to install.

We were pleased when they selected the final design – a truly bold new “look” and direction when compared with the previous exhibit….a significant “departure”, as our client exclaimed!  The new custom exhibit design is more conceptual in its visual approach.  It is open and inviting.  It incorporates flowing fabric curves positioned at the top of display units that allow the products to truly be showcased.  The curves at the top are mirrored in the contour cut carpet on the floor.

The final result is fresh, clean and beautiful. PGT clients, industry peers, and competitors all took notice of the new look. The compliments received by PGT on the show floor were immediate confirmation that the risk they took to push in a new direction was well worth it. 

The ongoing evidence of that will be reflected in their lower operating costs. To everyone at PGT, congratulations on the gorgeous new exhibit…it truly stands out on the show floor. And thank you for the opportunity to work with your team on developing this new exhibit design – we are looking forward to many more exciting events in the years to come!

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"Thank you so much for pulling LIGHTFAIR together for us this year! The booth looked amazing and we couldn’t have done it without all of your hard work and dedication to the project. "

Lesley Matt, Director of MarketingTCP Lighting

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