Lighten Up!

You consider the new exhibit design rendering on the paper in front of you. The lines are elegant, the presence is significant. Everything has been considered. Branding. Product display. Storage. Customer Engagement Areas.  Setup and dismantle concerns. You must have it.

Then you receive your first post-show reconciliation invoice and realize that ALMOST everything has been considered. The one missed detail in all of the design concepts was – weight, drayage, material handling.  What is this thing made of? What will it weigh? Darn!

If your beautiful new exhibit design also has the annual operating costs of a small country, have you really gained anything from this display investment? Or will it end up being an expensive and heavy drag on your annual trade show budget?

The design philosophy at DesignShop goes beyond developing an engaging and attractive exhibit environment for your brand. We do more than simply consider the weight – we eliminate it wherever we can.

Our methods vary from project to project, and depend directly on the needs of our clients.  From extruded aluminum framing to fabric graphic panels, DesignShop has a multitude of options available to create an attractive, functional and lightweight exhibit. 

Even when using wood as the building material of choice, weight management is still at the forefront of our minds.  Using our computer controlled flatbed CNC router, we can precisely shave away every ounce of extra weight….leaving a strong, yet lightweight exhibit structure.

Depending on the size of the exhibit, the weight savings alone could cut your operating costs by half. The round-trip shipping and drayage numbers can be shocking for an exhibit that had no weight strategy built into its design.

This lightweight exhibit design just debuted by one of our long-standing clients, PGT Industries, at the International Home Builders Show here in Orlando. Give us a call and allow us to explain the approximate 50% operational savings PGT is realizing from the unique design and exhibit fabrication approach DesignShop employed to support their brand at PGT’s many upcoming events….our company president, Doug Hughes, will be thrilled to tell you their story (Doug’s direct line is 407.313.1803)!

Is your heavy exhibit weighing you down? Let DesignShop show you how to lighten up! 

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"We were all very happy with the results and got a lot of great comments on the booth; even from our own competition so that’s always a good sign. "

Daniel Heguertty, Sales ExecutiveMaster’s Touch

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