Mission Possible

Cue “Mission Impossible” Theme…  Your mission, should you choose to accept it – is to create an exhibit with the following attributes: The structure needs to be fabricated out of lightweight materials, reduce operating costs, yet still be durable and sturdy enough to hold our product.

It must be modular, with the ability to be presented in multiple configurations from 10x10 up to 20x30. Regardless of size and configuration, it must retain brand continuity. The concept will need to incorporate a large demo station for live presentations.

This design will need to break down in such a way that it will fit into shipping cases that can be sent via FedEx or UPS. Oh, and one more thing… It needs to be designed with the idea that your client can set it up themselves.

No problem, when do we start?

At DesignShop, there are no impossible missions, only exciting exhibit design and fabrication challenges to be overcome. The challenge described above was put to us by one of our largest clients, Mastronardi, a major global brand (“Sunset”) in the produce growing and distribution industry.

We recently fabricated a 40x50 custom exhibit for Mastronardi. Based on our ability to deliver on the first “mission”, we were asked to assist with their next big challenge. Luckily for our clients, DesignShop offers multiple avenues to exhibit success.

Some projects simply have to be custom fabricated, and others are best suited for our custom exhibit rental program. This particular project needed a different answer, something similar to a pre-fabricated, modular system. If done properly, a custom look can still be achieved. 

Our Radiance™ system offers just such a solution.

This unique in-house designed and manufactured series of Compact Modular™ exhibit components, available only through Designshop, can be customized to fit just about any need or budget. In this case, the request for a lightweight, reconfigurable exhibit structure that is easy to ship and set up can be answered with one simple word - Radiance™. 

Mission Accomplished. 

DesignShop – Go Further.


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"I was so impressed with the presentation. Thanks you all so much for making this experience a positive one! Keep doing what you’re doing. "

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