Client Case Study: Medical Billing Specialists

At DesignShop, our work provides us the opportunity to work with professionals across multiple industries. Every industry from Automotive and Pharmaceuticals, to Pet Supplies has a major event at some point during the year.

A recent addition to our family of clients is: Medical Billing Specialists. As their name implies, they cater specifically to the medical industry by providing specialized Accounts Receivable and Reporting solutions.

When we were approached with an inquiry about our capabilities by Medical Billing Specialists, they indicated that an exhibit design had already been commissioned and they were simply in need of custom fabrication. Our response? No problem!

With our world-class fabrication custom shop, we have the ability to create any exhibit or display design put on paper. However, after initial discussions with MBS, it was determined that it would be more cost-effective to adapt the design they provided to our custom exhibit rental inventory.

Using the components we had in our existing inventory with just a few customized additions, we were able to create a structure that stayed true to the original exhibit design. Most importantly, we were able to do this while saving our new client literally thousands of dollars.

So much so, that we went from initially considering a full custom fabrication, to a custom exhibit rental all the way back to purchasing the rental exhibit components that make up this design. Since our rental inventory is kept in “like new” condition, this is a major win for MBS.

They were able to purchase a new exhibit that looks almost exactly like the initial concept they provided, for a fraction of the cost to build the exhibit from scratch. 

Here at DesignShop, we are all about helping our clients win!
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