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Here at DesignShop, one of the things that really engage us in a project is overcoming a challenge.  Regardless of industry or company size, there are always challenges to be dealt with. In these scenarios, you need options.
Take AVT Simulation for example. This Orlando based company provides training simulation solutions to the military. Needless to say, like any other company, AVT is budget conscious – and with particularly good reason.
In the new era of cutbacks and fat-trimming, not even the military is immune to the effects of a lack of funding. As you can imagine, this problem rolls downhill to the companies that provide support systems like the training programs developed by AVT.
When we approached AVT with an offer to show them how we could support their efforts, they were already deeply engaged in the process of reviewing vendors for their largest show of the year, I/ITSEC.  
The AVT Team knew they wanted to make an impact at the show, and knew that it was time to upgrade from the exhibit they had been using for the past several years.
The decision had been made to purchase a custom exhibit instead of securing a custom rental. This meant making sure to squeeze the most presence out of the money available and somehow still look like nothing has been sacrificed.
Did we mention we love challenges?
After an initial client consultation, a budget was determined and DesignShop went to work developing design concepts that would meet the specific criteria laid out by AVT and still stay in budget.  It was at this time that AVT was introduced to the concept of a purchase/rental hybrid option.
We developed a stunning design derived from the AVT logo, an environment that has presence and truly makes a statement for the AVT brand. One look at the concept and they loved it, but there was immediate concern regarding the costs sure to accompany the design.  
The hybrid option allowed AVT to have the benefits of a custom exhibit without having to purchase the entire structure. The impact at the show was immediate, and created a buzz amongst their peers in the industry.  
They could have treated the entire project as a custom rental, but the financial decision had been made to purchase. They could have purchased the entire design, but it would have required a larger upfront investment.  Worse yet, this would have caused unwanted sacrifices in the design and their architectural brand presence on the show floor.  
The hybrid solution was the way to go for AVT. They upgraded their presence on the show floor at a greatly reduced cost.  And through a rent-to-own agreement, our new client will still end up owning the entire booth property. 
Don’t you just love having options?  
AVT Simulation Rendering
AVT Simulation Setup
AVT Simulation Complete

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