DesignShop + I/ITSEC = Thanksgiving


Well folks, here we are.  The holidays are upon us and the year is almost over. 
How is this possible – where did the time go?  Hard to believe, I know. 
It’s the time of year we all reflect on our blessings, and I’m sure everyone out there has much to be thankful for.  The same holds true here at DesignShop.  Among many things, we are immensely thankful for our clients.  This past Thanksgiving, the DesignShop staff was working hard on their behalf, making logistical arrangements and preparing exhibits and graphics for the upcoming I/ITSEC show. 
This show is one of the largest annual military simulation training industry events, and it is right here in Orlando every year – just days after Thanksgiving.  For several years running, our custom rental exhibit program has benefitted clients across multiple industries. Both our new and our returning I/ITSEC clients are great examples of this.  After all, the freedom to rent and use an exhibit that is fully customized for your brand every year and not have to pay storage between uses is a proposition that’s hard to argue with.
Last month, we provided excellent service to nine companies for this one show alone, and we are looking forward to seeing them again next year.  It may be tough to work hard during a holiday, but hearing someone say you’ve done a great job and they will be back again makes it all worthwhile. 
Having a client put their trust in you is truly something to be thankful for. 

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Midland Radio Corporation
"The team at DesignShop was great, they listened to our story and created a design around my vision for the Midland brand. The finished product was a CES booth that showcased the outdoor lifestyle and adventures that our customers live out each and every day. "

Matt Latendresse, Director of MarketingMidland Radio Corporation

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