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Here at DesignShop, the first focus of any project is the client.  What are their needs? Who are they trying to reach?  What is the message they are trying to convey?  What is the best solution we can offer to help achieve a return on our client’s objectives?

As it pertains to the trade show industry, there are many ways to accomplish the same goal.  A custom fabricated booth structure that needs to be stored and shipped around the country is not always the best answer.

Custom Rental

Increasingly, exhibitors are looking for cost-effective options that will free them from the idea that a tighter budget automatically means a diminished appearance at their biggest shows.  To avoid this, one of the options we recommend is utilizing a Custom Rental.

Far too often the word rental is associated with a very basic, linear structure that is devoid of personality.  Of course, far too often this assumption is true.  Most anyone with a little experience on a trade show floor can spot a rental from across the aisle.

Using superior design, a Custom Rental can stand on it’s own and make an impression.  With fabricated elements, system based elements, or a combination of both – a unique environment can be designed that is specifically tailored to one particular client.

The environment should flow from the client’s brand, not box it in.  Our philosophy is – a rental exhibit doesn’t have to look like a rental exhibit.  Hence, the title – Custom Rental.  All of the branding elements of a custom build are there, at a fraction of the cost.

Custom Rental

Just as important, the cost savings related to shipping are significant.  By having a Custom Rental designed in the same city as your next show, you eliminate the need to ship a heavy, crated booth structure across the country.

In addition, the elements of your Custom Rental simply return to inventory, so no storage fees apply.  When your next show comes along, you can use the exact same set-up, or have an entirely new one designed based on your company’s needs at that moment.

Now, that’s cost-effective freedom…

Steve Hancock
Director of Strategic Services

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