Corporate Events & Event Planning

Corporate Events & Event Planning

DesignShop understands that detailed corporate events and corporate event planning are critical to the successful launch of your product. Our experienced team of account executives, designers and fabricators will help to create extraordinary experiences that bring your products and brand to life and improve your business.

DesignShop offers the following Corporate Event Planning Services:

  • Full service convention solutions
  • Exhibit & event management
  • Corporate events
  • Product launches
  • International logistics
  • Special event production
  • Exhibit rental
  • Furnishing
  • Entertainment booking

All of which ensure an unparalleled, memorable event that will create a lasting impression.

Special Event Production

DesignShop provides full service special event production that will transform an everyday venue into a memorable and magical special event that will increase your credibility and visibility.

DesignShop has the talent, creativity and artistry to manage special event design and production including stage sets, lighting and creative development for total event branding solutions. From Parrothead Caribbean to Mardi Gras, Glitz and Glamour - from Sports Fanatic to Bayou Hoe-Down - there are no boundaries to the incredible range of awe-inspiring special event production DesignShop can deliver.

DesignShop's Event Design & Production includes:

  • Stage sets and lighting
  • Total event branding solutions
  • Entertainment booking
  • Creative development and scripting
  • On-site supervision
  • Theme party production

Event and Meeting Management

DesignShop knows detailed event planning, event management and meeting management are critical to ensure a successful launch of your product. DesignShop offers full service convention solutions, special event production, exhibit rental, furnishing and entertainment booking to ensure an unparalleled memorable event that will create a lasting impression.

DesignShop's thorough event planning, event management and meeting management account team coordinates their vast pool of expert resources to deliver an environment that will stimulate and increase sales.

DesignShop's all-inclusive programs and services include:

  • Meeting management
  • Business production & audio visual management
  • Overall concept development
  • Event design & props
  • Destination management
  • Entertainment production
  • Food and beverage management
  • Incentive travel
  • Hospitality and sponsorship events
  • Hotel negotiations and site selection
  • Registration services
  • Team building programs
  • Custom signage
  • Gifts and premiums

Combine event management expertise with stunning 3D props, custom centerpieces and spectacular themed elements - DesignShop provides you with everything you need to make your special event have impact and increase sales! Call DesignShop at 1-800-685-7702 for your special event production need


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