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Executive briefing centers (EBCs) share some of the same requirements of the trade show exhibits designed and executed by DesignShop. Both must effectively communicate your company's brand and mission while allowing for the seamless exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Executive briefing centers allow for this exchange to take place in highly sophisticated and refined environments, designed specifically to allow for your company to communicate how your products and services fulfill the needs of your clients.

Years of Experience

DesignShop assists with custom executive briefing centers design and fabrication. We leverage our years of custom trade show exhibit and environmental design experience to execute briefing centers that showcase your brand and help you effectively communicate your corporate vision & mission to existing and potential clients.

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"DesignShop did an extraordinary good job. We loved it very much; especially the colors, shape and white carpet in the booth. "

Andreas Kees, Managing DirectorMedmix

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